Hot Stones unsual way of massage

The lovers of massotherapy in general has as main objective to know varied types of massage, in order to know the one that attends to them in the best possible way.

We can cite several unusual ways of massaging a human, but did you know that there are massages that are made with STONES?

Probably so, but have you ever wondered how massage sessions really do with the famous hot stones?

Hot stone therapy, is a variation of traditional therapeutic massage. Named also as geothermal therapy it is an age-old massage technique that acts strongly in spas and manual therapies for wellness, health and beauty care. Massage is also usually combined with a cold stone contrast mode.

The therapist begins the process by applying a cream or oil on the patient’s body, allowing the stones to slide smoothly over the muscles. After the hot stones relax the muscles, the massage therapist performs the removal of them and then, using their own hands, the professional performs the massage directly on the patient’s skin.

A hot stone massage usually takes an average of 60 to 90 minutes.

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